Plate & Pipe Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Table and Canopy

Fusion Cut Series is designed and constructed by us for the purpose of cutting sheet metal and metal tubes.

The main advantage of this equipment is it combines the best of all, it has exchange table for increasing production capacity of your plate work, and has a protective canopy. The pipe table is enclosed leading to increased protection.


Pneumatic Chuck for Laser machine

Focusing :
Pneumatic dual-acting full travel rotary chuck for cutting tubes More suitable for fiber laser tube cutting machine. It can clamp round tube, square tube, oval tube, rectangle tube and special tube.

Adjustment :
Pneumatic dual-acting full travel rotary cutting chuck works together with pneumatic dual-acting big travel rotary feeding chuck.

Range :
The weight is light, the cutting is quick, and tailing material is short. High efficiency, high speed and energy saving.

Integrated design for Tube Laser Table

  • Combi design saves space
  • Can work on sheet and tube cutting
  • Easy switch over between sheet and pipe
  • Cypcut 5000 series controller
  • Perfect for medium scale enterprises



  • With great flexibility, it is easy to cut non-ferrous metals, such as copper and brass. It shows exceptional quality.

  • Low production and maintenance costs due to low power consumption. No requirements for resonator gas.

  • The fiber laser machine is suitable for marking, finishing and detailing the pieces to be cut.

  • Unbeatable high output of fine thickness pieces.

  • The machine is easy to install and fast to put into service.

  • High cutting speed for the materials with thicknesses less than 4mm.

  • Lens only need to be changed once a year, within an “optional clean room” environmentally controlled area.


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