Pipe Cutting Machine

Spitfire Models are special built models for cutting of tubes and pipes of various shapes & sizes.

The high accuracy pneumatic chucks are designed to handle various shape range from standard round, square, rectangle to more intricaat and complex shapes like triangle, elliptical, and channels.
Special emphasis on dead zone reduction of specific jobs can be provided using chucks specially designed for the purpose


Professional Clamp Design

  • Automatic pneumatic chuck, adjustable and stable, clamping range is wider and clamping force is larger. Non - destructive pipe clamping, fast automatic centering and clamping pipe, performance is more stable.
  • The chuck size is smaller, rotation inertia is low, and dynamic performance is strong. Self-centering pneumatic chuck, gear transmission mode, higher transmission efficiency, long working life and high work reliability.
  • It adpots an electric clamp design on both sides and it can modulate the center automatically.

The Segmented Rectangle Laser Tube Welded Bed

  • Good rigidity, high precision, no deformation during the life cycle
  • Welded aluminum collet board, formed through high precision process.
  • Good weight and good dynamic performance.



  • Great Performance: with excellent path quality, Identical cutting quality on any cutting point is realized through fiber transmission.

  • High Cutting Speed: The rapid cutting speed is two times higher than that of CO2 laser machine. Its use-cost is very low.

  • Low Cost: Save energy and Environmentally friendly because of low gas Consumption: Laser cutting does not make any gas because of the specific cutting technology on steel plate. power consumption is reduced by 20%-30% compared with CO2 laser.

  • High efficiency for photoelectric conversion: Compare with CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine have 3 times photoelectric conversion efficiency.

  • Stable Running: adopt top world import fiber laser generator, stable performance, key parts can reach 100,000 hours; Machine bed treated by 650℃ heat treatment ensure its stability and smoothness.

  • Easy operations: fiber line transmission, no adjustment of optical path.


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