model 14030/18035

Herculean 14030/18030 fiber laser cuttin machine is our standard product, optimised for high speed cutting and reduces cost of production.

Machine finished body, with high precision welding process, Aluminium beams Die-casting beveal gears, Ball transfer for easy loading of plates, High precision and Closed loop control systems, are all that makes these machines highly reliable and user friendly.


12000W Multi-module CW Fiber Laser

The Multi-module CW Fiber Lasers developed by Raycus ranges from 3,000W to 30kW, with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, high light beam quality, high energy density, wide modulation frequency, high reliability, long service life, maintenance-free operation and advantages

Technical characteristics :
High Electro-optical Conversion Efficiency

Optical Properties :
Average output power: (W): 12000

Output characteristics :
Output connector: QD

Electronic control characteristics :
Input power (V AC ): 323-436, Three Phase-four Wire Connect.@47-63Hz

Other characteristics :
Dimensions (mm ): 1200*960*1160(handle included

Raytools-BT-641 - Fiber Laser Cutting Head

BLT high power series designed for metal sheet production industry and adopts EtherCAT bus technology. BLT641 featured by easy-install-and-adjust benefits, and robust performance, is the most intelligent laser on the market.

1 - Focusing lens : Monitor focusing lens status and detect lens pollution

2 - Ambient temperature : Monitor focusing lens environment temperature

3- Cavity temperature : Monitor laser head cavity temperature avoid thermal effect to optical device

4 - Cavity humidity : Monitor cavity humidity and avoid dewing

5 - Protective window : Monitor protective window temperature to guarantee cutting



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