SINGLE TABLE 3015/ 4020

Design Delite 3015/ 4015 fiber laser cutting machine is Premier Laser’s standard product, optimised for high speed cutting environment of Indian fabrications set-ups, by being economical and at the same time providing highly efficient machinery.

Machine is ergonomically designed, increases output by optimizing every design aspects which saves time in loading and unloading of sheets. The Die-Cast aluminum gantry provides light weight but sturdy structure for gantry movement.

Raycus 1KW

Raycus 1KW - Laser source

1- AC INPUT-The stock for supply input that can only be mated with the plug on the power cord we provided

2- Power -Air Switch to control the switching of AC

3- CTRL-INTERFACE -DB28 Control interface, users can set the control mode and input analog control signal with interface

4- WATER -Pipe connector, the inlet and outlet for cooling water to flow in and return.

5- ETHERNET - It can Provide remote control and storage alarm information for the laser.

6- CDA -(Clean Dry Air Input) Clean dry air is input here to prevent dew formation.

Raytools-BT-240S - Fiber Laser Cutting Head

1-optimized optical configuration, smooth and efficient airflow design.

2-Comprehensive upgrade of the dust-proof design, duble protection and no contamination of the leans.

3-The laser head body is incareased anti-collision function.

4-Turntable focus adjustment, manually corrected, flexible adjustment. Adjustable range is 20mm(±0.05mm).

5-A variety of optical interfaces, suitable for many kinds of fiber lasers.



  • Easy Installation technique
  • Eco design helps in maintenance and reduce down time
  • Suited for use up to 2Kw power
  • Perfect for Designers, Architects and Proto-typing work

  • Features: Machine Table

  • Light ergonomical design, enables for easy installations and quick setup time best suited for
  • Compatibility with various brands of power sources, laser heads and drives and motors, gives this model and easy to use advantage as a user can modify the specifications as per his requirements and operational ease.


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